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Development trend analysis of cable

Development trend analysis of cable

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In 2016, the wire and cable industry in China is facing the question of low profit rate, serious homogeneity, and fierce competition in Low-end market competition. However, in the past year, the ambition of occupying high-end shopping mall has not been completed, China's high-end market is still" monopolized" by foreign investors.
So in 2017, what kind of goods will be expected by the mall? What trend will the cable goods trend? Hebei Dagang cable small make up for you to analyze.
Ecology, ecology
From the" two sessions" of this year, it is easy to see that environmental goods will be the general trend in the future. In the previous year, followed by the European union issued RoHS directive, the development and large-scale selection of ecological environmental wire and cable has become a world trend. At present, the application of flame retardant and fire prevention cable has been expanded to many categories, such as mining, universal xiangtao cable, elevator cable, cable are not the same flame retardant request.
Now, Beijing, Shanghai and other key cities have made clear: the main construction of the use of PVC wire cables, to avoid a lot of smoke, chlorine gas, more casualties. The use of halogen-free low smoke XLPE insulated wire cables have become local regulations in these areas. With the addition of environmental awareness and safety awareness, the ecological environmental protection cable will be the commodity direction of future career.
Otherwise, no negligence is that the overwhelming majority of major projects and projects in the country are environmental protection. Cable commodity as the main supporting equipment of economic construction, the commodity trend is undoubtedly.
Ii. conclusions
The trend of cable goods in China is imperative. In fact, at the beginning of the article, we talked about the domestic cable profession clamoring to" occupy high-end shopping mall ", occupying high-end market can be said to occupy special cable shopping mall. Because of the high threshold of the special cable, higher profit margins, more competition than Quiet, the high-end market is undoubtedly a visible fat of domestic cable, but can not eat, or several companies can eat, also need to play a question mark.
" the tezhonghua of the wire and cable is related to the general wire and cable, its relative function is superior, and can adapt to the special environment, has special purpose." If the far east cable in the premise of satisfactory fire resistance, using the information - vitreous silicone rubber, the new high efficiency of fire-resistant cable can be successfully developed within 180 ℃, to maintain normal power within 1000 ℃, the cable also has the distort characteristics; SILVER Superconducting superconducting cable stranded cable developed by SILVER company; Long Peak group company has developed and developed a composite high conductivity aluminum alloy power cable with independent intellectual property.
Because special cable can fit special environment and special occasion needs, and can produce special cable to need strong own equipment, the threshold is relatively high, so special cable will become the future of shopping mall" darling ", each talented cable company will rise to" competition."
Iii. high pressure, chaogaoyahua
As a kind of special cable, the ultra-high voltage cable is introduced, because the UHV cable in the future market needs, is" Outshine Others ", UHV construction increased to the height of national strategy. In the" two sessions" of this year, the UHV question has been given comments alone, meaning that UHV construction will have sound. Therefore to the cable production profession brought endless waves, UHV cable will need strong.
Therefore, in the professional goods, because of the impact of economic development and urban construction, the demand of medium and low voltage power cable will gradually decline. In order to reach the intention of opening up the market, the company should cut its investment in medium and low voltage power cables. In the future, the mall will be a high voltage and high voltage power cable, the need of rapid growth, high voltage and ultra-high voltage power cable is the trend of the market. Therefore the company should strengthen the development of high pressure and ultra-high voltage skills, and the added value of power cables.
Iv. refinement
The so-called product refinement, its material selection more refined, using less material can have a stronger function. If the GYDGA optical fiber cable developed by Idiopathic information, it can be laid through pipeline, aerial and other methods, cable diameter small, light weight, good lateral pressure function; Half-way can be xiaxian, the construction device is convenient; High density ( small volume ); Dry structure, wuyougao pollution, can choose the color bar identification method. The research team of Australian and American scientists successfully charted the world's finest Nami to date, the thickness of human hair, but conductivity comparable to traditional copper wires.
In 2016, the professional pressure of Hongo cable is very high, its competition mainly come from shopping malls and foreign companies. The request of the mall is increasing, foreign investment is more and more large, all kinds of standards emerge, how can do not only cope with the challenge, but also become the rules of the game and the founder, not simple things. So 2017, let's go and stay!

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